Mixtape: May/2017 – Best of Hipstrumentals.net (Instrumentals)

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These are SOME of the best and most popular beats from Hipstrumentals.net for the month of May 2017 that were available for download. Please rate, comment and share. Follow @Hipstrumentals on twitter for more updates.

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  1. Power (Prod. By Doope Beatz)
  2. El Chapo (Prod. By Krush Kaprice)
  3. Solidão (Prod. By DavidBeatMaker)
  4. Codeine Maple Syrup (Prod. By Rhyno)
  5. 808 16 (Prod. By DumbNLoco)
  6. Chill (Prod. By KRM On The Track)
  7. Forever (Prod. By Plugzilla)
  8. Try It (Prod. By Myron Clark)
  9. R.I.P to Elijah (Prod. By Dee Reese)
  10. 115 (Prod. By Sir Edi)
  11. FML (Prod. By Tribe Vega$)
  12. They (Prod. By DAYGLO)
  13. Vanilla (Prod. By WO)
  14. Freestyle Instrumental (Prod. By Mr. Woovie)
  15. La La La! (Prod. By #441)
  16. OTTO (Prod. By EBXCIII)
  17. FEMA (Prod. By DRMLND)
  18. On The Backstreet (Prod. By Bonestrocity)
  19. Wet (Prod. By Hendo)
  20. Section 3 (Prod. By Dozane)
  21. Test Pilot (Prod. By Mayn-E-Ack Beats)
  22. Dass (Prod. By Def Street)
  23. Love $ong (Prod. By MS Da Ghost)
  24. Overnight (Prod. By MaiNeBeAtS)
  25. Love Vibes (Prod. By Nasmil J)
  26. Pull Up On Em With The Stick (Prod. By Hedd Honczo)
  27. That Life (Prod. By Masters Music Production)
  28. Pablo (Prod. By UdigBeats)
  29. Sincerely Yours (Prod. By Doope Beatz & IfGod Mayde Beatz)
  30. Nitrous (Prod. By Nick Whizzkid)
  31. Fast Lane (Prod. By Kidd Eeryt)
  32. Roc-Hop (Prod. By Poppz)
  33. Armageddon (Prod. By MokyBeats)
  34. Chiraq (Prod. By Lourson)
  35. Dawn of Justice (Prod. By Mark Simoes)
  36. datway (Prod. By whoiamprod)
  37. Made In New York (Prod. By Thunder Beatz)
  38. Don’t Ask Me Why (Prod. By Almighty)
  39. Chemicals (Prod. By antisocial)
  40. Wah! (Prod. By bbusound)