Mixtape: November/2016 – Best of Hipstrumentals.net (Instrumentals)

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These are SOME of the best and most popular beats from Hipstrumentals.net for the month of November 2016 that were available for download. Please rate, comment and share. Follow @Hipstrumentals on twitter for more updates.

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  1. Money Dance (Prod. By Krush Kaprice)
  2. Money (Prod. By Oskar Dayz)
  3. Loose (Prod. By Rhyno)
  4. Thunderr (Prod. By Wicked)
  5. E AGORA JOSÉ (Prod. By DavidBeatmaker)
  6. The Heat (Prod. By ItsBuddha Productions)
  7. War (Prod. By Kid Pariah)
  8. I Told You So (Prod. By Tribe Vega$)
  9. 9 O’Clock (Prod. By Dee Reese)
  10. Fast (Prod. By Ace)
  11. Impossible (Prod. By N7)
  12. Happy Nightmares (Prod. By EBXCIII)
  13. Prelude II (Prod. By MS Da Ghost)
  14. Digits (Prod. By TM Beats)
  15. No Lacking (Prod. By Yinte)
  16. Wobber (Prod. By Plugzilla)
  17. Veer Zaara! (Prod. By #441)
  18. Smoking (Prod. By HOOYA)
  19. Hating Shit (Prod. By Hedd Honczo)
  20. No Ways (Prod. By DeeLowGøîïññ & KizzTheProducer)
  21. Boss Moves (Prod. By Dj Rell Ruger)
  22. Goat (Prod. By K-Demption)
  23. Three Amigos (Prod. By Marx Seuso)
  24. That Lady (Prod. By Poppz)
  25. Exhibit A (Prod. By SJI)
  26. Skull and Bones (Prod. By DeathcoreTDP)
  27. Nostalgia (Prod. By DRMLND)
  28. From Struggle To Successful (Prod. By IfGod Mayde Beatz)
  29. Fantrapstic Four (Prod. By Teelonias Monk)
  30. Can’t Give You My Heart (Prod. By Titanium50)
  31. Goodbye (Prod. By Mr. Brik)
  32. ReHail Mary (Prod. By MaiNeBeAtS)

  • 32 songs…28 using the same droneing bass.

  • N7

    Impossible! This tape is fire!

  • Kaine

    OMG this tape is ASS!!! Really the TOP 10 are GARBAGE JUICE

  • Prod ItsBuddha

    #6, let’s get it.

  • Rhyno

    ah man, they put my weak beat on here lol did it hella geeked.

  • Larry Ratchet

    Lmao you high..Everything on here goes hard asf

  • Larry Ratchet

    You have to be a special type offdickhead to criticize the beats on this tape. They are the most downloaded…That means the ppl fucked wit em. Keep ya hate to yaself. Get some money.

  • Thomas Tee Worrells

    Wow my Fantrapstic Four beat made it lol ayee.

  • Brandon GottamakeIt Crowder

    Another month well done #bestofnovember 2016 is fire ima up and comin rapper always usin these beats to perfect my sound i mess with hipstrumentals cant wait until the next one keep it up fr tho #EazyGang #B-Real

  • Kaveli

    Dope beat rhyno…Im an upcoming artist looking for a producer who we can work with on projects

  • Kaveli

    Dope beats lets work together

  • Kaveli

    Dope beat we should work together

  • kaveli

    Looking for a producer who I can work with…

  • Kaveli

    Let’s work together

  • N7

    Cool. Whats ur email?

  • Yinte Tembil

    email me at yintebeats@gmail.com we can work

  • Thomas Tee Worrells

    I’m definitely down for that fam and thanks!