Mixtape: October/2016 – Best of Hipstrumentals.net (Instrumentals)

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These are SOME of the best and most popular beats from Hipstrumentals.net for the month of October 2016 that were available for download. Please rate, comment and share. Follow @Hipstrumentals on twitter for more updates.

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  1. Quarantine (Prod. By Dee Aye)
  2. Doses (Prod. By P4A)
  3. Change for You (Prod. By Vynny Crespo)
  4. No Sleep (Prod. By Oskar Dayz)
  5. David Vs. Goliath (Prod. By Franky Vybe)
  6. GO hARD (Prod by Tribe Vega$)
  7. Fuck A 1 On 1 (Prod. By ILLmaculate Sounds)
  8. Mafia (Prod. By DeeLowGoiinn & KadoOnTheTrack of TM730 Mafia™)
  9. Ugly God (Prod. By Lil’ Rambo)
  10. Wavy La Flare (Prod. By Krush Kaprice)
  11. Merk CIty (Prod By Wicked & KadoOnTheTrack of Tm730 Mafia)
  12. Faded (Prod. By Plugzilla)
  13. Come Up (Prod. By K-Demption)
  14. 3rd Degree (Prod. By EBXCIII)
  15. LaGucci (Prod. By Dee Reese)
  16. PULL UP (Prod. By Grenade)
  17. Act Right (Prod. By Rhyno Beats)
  18. Fire Shirt (Prod. By Brik)
  19. Klown! (Prod. By #441)
  20. Flex Now (Prod. By Kid Pariah)
  21. Curtis Mayfield (Prod. By DJ Saxy Boy)
  22. Majin Buu (Prod. By DumbNLoco)
  23. Gaw Dayum (Prod. By FreeZaH)
  24. Remember Me (Prod. By N7)
  25. Your Last Chance (Prod. By Hedd Honczo)
  26. Class of Trap (Prod. By Platinum Lewis & Deazy Smooth)
  27. Whatever You Want It To Be (Prod. By 7)
  28. Bang! Out! (Prod. By IfGod Mayde Beatz)
  29. Grand (Prod. By Maywood Meezi)
  30. Shakin (Prod.Ace)
  31. Keys (Prod. By BCHILL MUSIC)
  32. Tesla (Prod. By Brody X)
  33. Notice (Prod. By MaiNeBeAtS)
  34. Champagne Room (Prod. By AC Producer & LoopGOD)
  35. Northern Hemispheres (Prod. By Datshyt)
  36. God Damn (Prod. By Nasmil J)

  • I used to get lots of inspiration and ideas from these. Now it’s like everyone (85%) are using the same drums and same bass in the same way. I think we have enough “menacing” beats.

  • #441

    Grateful to make it! Congrats again, to everyone else, but I got 1 question. How did my Klown instrumental, with 110 plays in total make it, when my Hurricane Nicole has 350 plays today? Lol not complaining but wasn’t expecting that lol!

  • filthymouth116

    Yeah a lot of people are mimicking other producers. I don’t understand why. A few stand out though. Not enough..

  • Ace

    Maybe the ratio of downloads to plays…

  • N7

    Remember Me

  • MEEP

    Its based on downloads. Whichever got the most downloads, they post.

    Congrats Btw. I’m hoping to make it next month.

  • #441

    Lol that makes my argument stronger. But imma be on the lookout for your stuff bro.

  • Nye

    Like the other dude said. Ratio makes sense. If a song has less plays and the downloads are close or more than the song with more plays. Means statistically most people like the lower viewed song better. If the Klown song had some amount of plays as the Hurricane one that means the downloads would be significantly more.

  • #441

    Yeah..coulda sworn we already went over this…

  • Toxxxic

    Aye bet, “Act Right” got on here good to see the new name getting out there. Congrats everyone

  • Nye

    If that was the case, then it doesn’t make your “argument stronger” does it, genius?

  • #441

    Yeah……coulda sworn we already went over this…….