Trackslayers Contest #7 – Dante Vlado *Closed*

Trackslayers 7 Contest


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  2. Make A Song to The Beat
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Trackslayers Contest #7 Beat – Produced By Dante Vlado

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


The Winner will be voted on by our panel & will be judged on delivery, lyrics, hook (not required), cadence etc.

The Winner of the contest will get their song posted on this website ( & our youtube channel (74k+ subs).

After your song is uploaded. Please post the link in the comment section.

Songs should be completed, posted and linked here by MAY 30th, 2015.

The winner will be announced on MAY 31st. Good Luck!

This will be a monthly contest starting at the beginning of every month. We will use a different producer for each contest. The more people the contest reaches the better the rewards will be.

  • Rico Thomas

    I’m in it to win it. Chef BoyRT – Love Me or Hate Me

  • Codi Fernandez

    Jamie Foxx – Pretty Thing, On The Dot, Like A Drum

  • ace

    nigga fuck outta here with that shit. We come here for entries. Not this bull..

  • Dope beat! Not my preferred genre, but it’s nice! Can’t wait to hear some entries.

    Can we get a boom bap, old school type beat? I’ll definitely enter. Missed Contest #5

  • Uncle Sliktalk

    ace is back!!!!!, in full effect!!!!..lmao

  • Jetmore Kinsley
  • Black Dynamite


  • Rico Thomas

    Gotta wait for the rest bruh, you the type to vote for a president without seeing all the candidates

  • Rico Thomas

    Wrong record.. respect the producer. This a contest for artist getting on Vlados beats.

  • Black Dynamite

    Also tha type thaat know good ass music when he hear It ! DUDE SNAPPED .

  • santana

    bruh that track is butt. Needs to change his voice

  • Tommy Miggity-Miggity-Mac

    i fuck with buddy ass he got that shy glizzy voice lol

  • Black Dynamite

    . Lyrics were pretty horrible , common delivery , hook was okay .

  • Reptalien Royalty

    Hipstrumentals.. yous have to do a better job selecting contest beats..

  • Black Dynamite

    Damn nigga they deleted yo shit bru ? That’s fuckd up . You snapped tho nigga.

  • ProphƎ†

    Idkbro n Fasho.

  • ProphƎ†

    Yah bru it’s cool. N preciate it.

  • We didn’t delete it.

  • OrdinaryDell

    Hipstrumentals I was wondering if I can drop my rough draft now then when I get a hold of the final copy i could drop that cause I only have possession of the rough draft one right now …..they both are the same but I up some things on the final version

  • OrdinaryDell

    I at least wanna have something out just in case i cant get the final copy cause there’s a difference between the two

  • How long does it take for the track to get approved? mines still say pending

  • King Richard

    Same thing I was wondering,I have submitted mine 2 or 3 times in the last few days.

  • Its true i posted mine like 4times lol everytime I got on here my comment with the song was gone


    i sent my entry don’t know if it got accepted

  • D Omega

    You posted mad times already

  • King Richard

    Yea thats because they wouldn’t accept it or I never seen it posted,it should have been there after days

  • BDA_ALL_DAY441

    Lol well you know now that yours was more than accepted!