Meek Mill – Heaven or Hell (Instrumental)

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Meek Mill (Dreamchasers 3)

Meek Mill Ft. Jadakiss & Gourdon Banks- Heaven or Hell (Instrumental)
(Courtesy of ID Beatz)
Meek Mill – Heaven of Hell (Instrumental)


  • Suu

    It’s “Heaven or Hell”

  • Amy

    pain all in my heart/ car push to start/ time to go to work and I aint got time to push a cart/ id rather push a key/ cuts keep coming…let it bleed/ im just doing me/made about 3/ make the blind get to see/ im making history/ this shit off the dome… my nigga/ fuck you me you know got it/ my fault im kinda getting off topic/ fuck it let me drop

  • AllMeForreal

    this is almost the same exact beat as 5 on it from big sean

  • G. Cal

    5 on it was a song by Luniz. Sean just used the same beat and Meek used a sampled version with beefed up drums and added brass. So it actually is the same beat but it was from Luniz not sean

  • AllMeForreal

    yea its still cool. nothing wrong with it just didn’t notice till I heard the instrumental. both songs bump lol