Migos – Versace (Instrumental)

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Migos (Versace)

Migos Ft. Drake & Gucci Mane – Versace (Instrumental)
(Courtesy of TaZ)
Migos Ft. Drake & Gucci Mane – Versace (Instrumental)


  • everybody

    man get this shit outta here

  • Swag

    Nigga this is actually good WTF r u talking about?

  • jayteedahprince

    drake motion

  • Chris

    Can I Get My Credit?!? Produced by TaZ of Pinkspryte Productions!?!?

  • grimace

    I am about to kill this beat

  • lol

    If it makes you guys feel better it was originally the instrumental for Plies – Bitch A Hoe.

  • King

    Tell me how when i first seen this i was like hmm… i wonder why they aint put who produced this.. lol

  • Charles

    cole summer by j cole please?

  • Dwallace

    Soulja Boy OMG part 2

  • Lukas Fontenelle


  • TerranceDames



    Pretty Legit