Tyga- Lap Dance (Instrumental)

Listen/Download here:

[audio:http://www.hipstrumentals.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Tyga-Lap-Dance-Instrumental.mp3|titles=Tyga- Lap Dance (Instrumental)]


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  • Mitch

    Can we get She by Tyler the Creator? that would be awesome

  • WOAH
  • UNSE3N

    Can you post VCR/Wheels by Tyler the Creator?

  • block
  • E

    Hometown – Big Sean.


  • Daknite

    lil wayne bill gates

  • wizkhalifa

    he copied my style man, this is copied from either me or snoop

  • crystal

    stripper pole ty$ with hook

  • maxim_42

    DJ Yoda Ft. Lil’ Wayne, Birdman, Maino, Kardinal Offishall, Wes Fif, Trae, Hunt, & Joe Young – Colorful Clothes(Instrumental) please

  • banger
  • axel

    Fitted cap Rick Ross ft wake meek j.Cole

  • lil b

    swag! swag! im a bitch im a pretty bitch

  • jj

    please get Ace Hood ft Meek Mill, Same Dream instrumental

  • Angel

    Hypnotized by TygA plz!!!!!!

  • Muhammed


  • Bruce G

    this is Snoop Dogg ft. R. Kelly – Platinum.. look it up on here..

  • rod

    sbtrkt wildfire please.

  • DJkia

    This is Platinum By Snoop And R kelly

  • A1

    can you get zan with that lean part 1 instrumental

  • kreayshawn gucci gucci instrumental

  • Ugh 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,
    watch me as i bust
    this gun//
    young nigga Trey D make you
    pussy nigga’z bleed out
    the eyez//
    2 horns long tale Bodies red
    eyez lookin like the
    Chucks T’z on my feet fruity
    diamonds on my arm yeah//
    pussy nigga’z hate me so they
    bite my swagg thats a fail
    on the field/
    Ref gone blow the whissle//
    cough her out the corner of my
    eyez redbone on the pole
    witha ass clappin//
    Now i’ma nice witha nice
    ass crew
    fuck me naw nigga it’z fuck
    ugh shawty gotta lot of
    ass so I’m tryina get with her
    I’m at your house party with my
    back against the walls gotta
    extra room opp nigga i can’t say
    I’m sorry cuhhz i jus busted up
    on your walls//
    Lil mama bad she gave me brain in
    the class
    she said was in section so
    i though how to throw it back//
    She gave me a lap dance got my wifey
    lookin mad Tyler the creator drop
    from hell cell 23 ugh//
    G.E.D I’ma S.B.M nigga ugh fell from
    heaven like a angel 2-pac back I’m
    1 glock strap putt her back up
    against the walls with her legz
    in the air//
    she said owww daddy these other pussy
    can’t hite it but you can i got moe
    bitches then a strip club
    yea i think these nigga’z hate me//
    Cuhhz they hoe’z pay me fuck it i’ma
    gee beat her like a slave till her pussy
    turnet red//
    I told you that i’ma animal party till
    the next day i’ma fuckin party animal//
    yea yea bitch haha Chuck T’z niggah/

  • Hulkshare

    A you should start putting these song instrumentals on hulkshare thats the safest website plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Tyga – Light Dreams

  • Jordan

    This a nice instrumental. I wish you guys also had first time as a instrumental off black thoughts 2 mixtape.

  • D.

    like me – tyga

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  • demetrius

  • If a nig wanna fight better tel him settle down be for I pop the truck and let me choppa stip a couple rounds I been running for a minute from p town to the eight mile getting money is occupation I get all types of pussy u still on masyurbation ##ShwaG

  • D.T.K

    shit go hard lol