Downloading Problems!

I’ve been hearing that people are having problems downloading:

1. If you have ad block plus enabled/installed on your computer, the download link will take you to a blank screen. Just disable it when you want to download and then you can re-enable it.

2. When you click the link, it will take you to an ad page, just click skip this page at the upper right hand corner and you will be redirected to the DOWNLOAD page.

  • how u disable it ? explain please

  • Hey bro!

    First I would like to thank you for putting all these instrumentals out and available to the web!

    Heres the thing though, I cannot stand your ads on your site, even when I do not run adblocker on your site, sometimes your ads will crash my browser (firefox & ie7)they are real annoying.

    Especially since I have a membership with 4share and I still have to wait wait click skip this add, wait wait wait *hope browser doesn’t die*, wait so more, then finally the download file window comes up and I download the song in a second.

    Maybe I do not have my ad blocker set right or something but even without it, it crashes my browser sometimes.

    Can you recommend any settings I should look into to view your site correctly?