Lil B- G4 Shit (Instrumental)

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[audio:|titles=Lil B – G4 Shit (Instrumental) (Produced By Vybe Beatz)]


  • realrap21

    this nigga a devil worshiper look at background closely

  • varsitygang12

    u dum fuck jus cuz u burn a cross dnt mean u worship the devil…wen u burn a cross u burn it into your mind heart and soul….fukkin idiot

  • milla

    know one will ever know witch way he ment…could go both ways …ALL I KNOW HE WACK AND A BITCH AT HEART!!!!!!!!!

  • youngT

    ok well lil b has a video of him cussing in a church and saying a looks like jesus!
    and then he has a video where he says “Im the devil and ive taken over lil bs body this is hell on earth” he raps about how went took first classs trip down to hell suit and tie and then he sold his life! he on the back ground of the picture above has a church with burning crosses, and if you count the crosses up, there are 6 of them and 6 is the devil number! and it says 6 kiss above! how can you tell me that he is not a satanist!

    i mean lil b was good when he was in the pack if you go back and watch the music vids.
    but now when you see him in vids his eyes look demonic! ill pray for lil b!

    and he straight sucks now thats hes not in the pack honestly he calls himself a pretty bitch and tell nicki manaj hes the pretty bitch!
    hows a guy gonna call themselves a pretty bitch!

  • young XL

    lil b is still in the pack

  • big bud

    wack as helll , beats wack , ryms are wak , wat else ?

  • Mickey Surb

    The halo represents enlightenment, the burning crosses represent hell on earth. Wouldn’t call it demonic, more like artistic.

  • Yeah, Lil B is trippin’ but that’s his soul. He has the choice to do what he wants. He just shouldn’t influence other people with that crap, I think.

  • Chris MOE

    I smell some hating going on!!! Lil B human just like the rest of the world…he just got is mind in his hands…In all honesty the man is ARTIST…don’t judge him by how he twist religion. 24/7 ENT