Kanye West- Power (Instrumental)

Listen/Download here:

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  • Sneakaholic011

    good lookin out on this one.. SICK

  • With Hook

    If possible can you provide the hook please

    Thankz Hip

  • With Hook

    Oh yh the link doesn’t work by the way :/

  • DubzeroX561

    its not there anymore

  • http://www.kkodmvoement.com koush

    THE LINK DSNT WORK :( ?!?!

  • admin

    I Just re-uploaded the link… try again

  • Hey

    Wiz Khalifa Mezmorized instrumental..PLEASE AND THANKS!

  • Walter Gilmore

    Thnxs i needed tht one yo think you can get “Strangers” Instrumental by Reflection Eternal (Talib Kweli & Hi-tek)

  • Omar

    Please put up the “Polo – Vado instrumental” up please! Thanks

  • http://hipstrumentals jeremy young

    cool breeze

  • http://hipstrumentals jeremy young


  • kid

    Can u post dis wit a hook

  • ridiculus

    correct me if im wrong, but this doesnt sound like the one in the video.

  • phokus

    i don’t see nothin but pop-up ads

  • phokus

    get unhappy by young roc

  • Big D

    Chip tha Ripper Back To Cleveland PLLLLLLZZZZZZ

  • Gangsta Chill

    Y cant I download this trak?

  • http://www.intellectrfg.blogspot.com Intellect

    Kanye West Ft. Jayz & Swiss Beats – Power Remix Instrumental No Hook ! PLEASEEEEE !!!

  • http://www.Google.com/Kyeyote Kyeyote

    Power!, My bicep thoughts,
    They break bricks,
    Over break beats,
    Words submerge,
    I make hits,
    Like a safe-ty…

    Firey eyes,
    They melt ya’ LP’s,
    And now ya’ know I’m hot as hell be,
    Help me…

    No Santa Claus,
    So my gift is rappin’ for the paper,
    Push a little snow on the side,
    See power like the mayor’s…

    Stand tall like Zydrunas Ilgauskas,
    They try distracting ni##a’s,
    get the power without us…

    “TUH!!” Ain’t that some real sh#t for ya a$$,
    I’m floatin’ by the filling station,
    Watch me pass gas…

    “Cause fiendin’ for all this power’s got my belly achin’,
    I’ll mold ya a$$ into an idol ni##a’.. Clay Aiken…

    Shoot sh#t like a cowboy.. Troy Aikman,
    I’ve got the power to stop now due to lack of payment!

    http://www.Google.com / kyeyote
    http://www.lastfm.com / kyeyote

  • http://www.aol.com jroc

    the video was crazy but a good idea for a moving painting that was sick

  • http://twitter.com/macdollars_ mac dollar$

    addiction by ryan leslie pleeeease…..thanks

  • kwala

    Could you get the live fast and die young instrumental by rick ross

  • qt

    dis dat shi#

  • qt

    im livin in the 86 centry doin sum green 2 it yea da world like me though neva had a life but now i found one so im cool wit it y do i got all this power my spit

  • Tweedledee21

    This track is awesome. It’s too bad that Kanye’s lyrics completely f**k it up. It would be nice to see an actual rapper use this track and write some actual lyrics.

  • marcus

    Buggin’ Out, Tribe!!

  • http://google.com jayruss

    th link doesnt work!!

  • jay

    lil twist feat bow wow: little secrets
    ti: the king back
    young jeezy: grape

  • realrap

    yo download this mixtape this guy right here is like the next DRAKE !!!


  • realrap

    yo download this mixtape this guy right here is like the next DRAKE !!!!


  • http://www.elievee.hyves.nl Eli

    can you pleaaass re upload it?
    The link isnt working


  • http://www.soundclick.com/doublegchionthebeat Bomberman860

    dope beat! that art work scares the shit out of me tho! WTF

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    TO HEAR THE BEST MIXTAPE OF 2010!!!!!!!!!


  • Quay

    Dead link

  • AJ Styels

    this beat rock

  • lilq

    beamer benz or bently rremix

  • http://equestriadaily.com Fluttershy

    Yay, now I can make an acapella (audacity is a Powerfull tool (no pun intended)

  • orbit

    all that damn trouble to DL and its like 28k bit rate? crap don’t waste your time

  • Bryan

    The song is fucking perfect, Kanye west is the boss!

  • XL

    Awesome beat, definately gonna use it for my mixtape