California Swag District- Teach Me How To Dougie (Instrumental)

Listen/Download here:

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  • SuperStar Kid

    lmao ion like this song but i fuk wit the beat.

  • Kielle Walker

    YOU MO’FOs stole DALLAS SWAGG and gave us NO CREDIT!!!!! Thats a hoe move bro and yall know it!

  • DonDadda… Nugga..

    Bruhh… Kielle.. lls.. They shouted DALLAS out on that song.. What was you listenin to?

  • Its funny cause we need this song for our civics project

  • j

    where is the link ?

  • teach me how to dougie is a awsome song


  • teach me how to dougie is a awsome song AND SO IS WEED

  • ur wierd. haha i hav to dougie in front of ma class…ima teach em how ta dougie

  • marcus lovaa

    you guys are awesome,im in 6th grade nd we doin this extra credit thing to this song and our group called the we hype mathatics WE HYPE.

  • marcus lovaa

    we got thethe best dancers in our groupwe got 5 girls that can really dougie.i’ll just put their initials so you dont try to hunt us down,kw, ma,no,tl,js, and plus me THE MARCUS LUVAA WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!WE HYPE!

  • M+M=4 EVAH

    its still me all i wanted to say was i didnt mean ta put 2 the’s in the beggining anyways I HYPE!!!!Lol

    <3,Marcus luvaa

  • I have always loved the CSD crew sence they 1st started. And for something too happen like this, M-Bone, We solute you, for all of your hard work. Hopefully your killer will be brought to justice. We’ll miss you.


  • Davon

    Its Dope im usin it for A
    project Doe hope teacher liike it

  • dougieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Im in sixth grade, and Its funny cuz i made a remix of dis song (teach me how PEMDAS) and its for the little elementry kids….. and im using this instrumental to do the rap……… the song is awesome.

  • R.I.P M-BONE….. teach me how to dougie!!!!!!!